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Οur chefs are locally born with a wide experience on greek cuisine.
Τhey will be happy to cook your favorite dish whatever this may be as apart from they cooking experience like to experiment with new recipes.
The chefs will take care of everything from start to finish, from the shopping, cooking, serving and even cleaning up afterwards.
All you have to do is sit back, maybe enjoy a glass of wine or two, and anticipate the amazing gastronomic experience that’s on the way!
The rate you want to pay dependents on the level of service required. Cooking service includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, separatelly provided, or combined all together in special prices. 
Please inform us on the menu you would like, the date and time of your special lunch or dinner, the number of guests and any special requirements such as allergies or dietary specifications.
Enjoy delicious recipes in your own accommodation
Some of our services include
  • fish and meat BBQ
  • greek cuisine
  • vegan cuisine
  • vegetarian cuisine
  • local cuisine
  • sweets
Contact us today and book for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for every meal during your staying!
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